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The home will work with Social Welfare to provide safety, shelter and support for two categories of children: those rescued from child trafficking as this is sadly not uncommon for children in this area of Ghana, as well as orphaned and needy children.
We hope that for many that the home will provide a respite from their difficult circumstances whilst a longer term solution is found, as the Ghanaian government believe that children thrive more in a family home.

The building can house 18 girls and 18 boys as well as staff.

The home will take admissions between the ages of 2-12, in collaboration with the district social welfare office. We also have a long-term goal of supporting disabled children too, as these are some of the most marginalised children in Ghana. However, this will require more fundraising due to the need for more staff and specialist equipment.
All of the staff that we have working there are dedicated to the charity's mission of reaching out to children in need, ensuring they have food, education, shelter, security whilst also making sure that they are loved and have a childhood. We are also raising more funds for a playground within the site and have begun to decorate and paint murals in the home to make it a place that the children will enjoy being in.

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