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In Ghana, Junior High School is where ‘free’ schooling ends. This means that for some students from poorer backgrounds, this can be when their learning ends as, despite doing well in JHS, they may not have the means by which to go on to Senior School (SHS) and then on to University.

Our scholarship scheme was set up on the back of the annual RHF summer schools and has been running since 2010. Through this scheme, the orphans or students from vulnerable families from the village of Santrokofi have been able to apply for funding for SHS/ College/ University. Thus far, the scholarship scheme has been hugely successful, with over 30 students sponsored and supported as they go on to fulfil their potentials.

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Previous Scholarship Students


'When I met Kinza, I told her of my situation and she told me that the RHF would support me with my school fees. I was very happy to go back to university in 2009. That miracle happened in my life through Kinza, so after the university I decided to work with her as a RHF member.'

Kwame has worked as a professional artist for many years now and his work can be found in private homes, not just in Ghana, but across the world. He has also created compositions for small businesses, philanthropic foundations and at local schools

Kwame Atamdzi - Artist


Evelyn had a tough childhood and gave birth to her daughter Lizzy at a young age.

Having been sponsored through her degree by the RHF, Evelyn graduated in 2013 as an Accountant with Upper Second Class Honours from Ho Polytechnic University.

As a single mother, Evelyn now has the means to support her family and has a promising career ahead of her.

Evelyn Baiden - Accountant


Jones attended the first RHF Summer School in 2010 and successfully completed JHS later that year. Jones’ mother died when he was young and him and his younger brother are now cared for by his grandad. RHF have been able to sponsor Jones to study electrical engineering in Accra. In 2013 Jones used the skills he had been learning to assist in the wiring of the Child Care Centre.

Jones also joined Arctic to Africa cyclists for the final leg of their epic ride in August 2013, cycling from Accra to Santrokofi.

Jones - Electrician


Little Kwame is a child that we met in Santrokofi that was born totally deaf. We met him at the Summer School when he was 5 years old and we also met his Mum and Grandparents who were raising him. Thanks to generous donations we were able to pay for a place at The Volta School for the Deaf which is an incredible school that will give him a real chance in life.

Kwame - Student at The Volta School for Deaf

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